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    A Young Couple

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    A Young Couple

    Post by Andrew Wilden on Thu Nov 12, 2015 11:54 pm

    A Young Couple were getting ready for work one morning.
    The Wife gets out of the Shower & the Husband gets in.

    Next minute the Door Bell Rings !!!

    So the Wife quickly wraps the towel around her & goes down stairs to answer the door.
    It is her Husbands Mate Frank, standing there with EYES BULGING out of his head admiring her body wrapped in the towel Very Happy

    "You drop that towel for one minute, & I will give you $500" says Frank.

    Thinking about it for a moment, about the $500 she can waste on the usual Female CRAP, she agrees.

    So after a minute of Frank eyeing her up & down, the bulge in his pants growing by the second, she wraps the towel around herself again, he gives her the $500 & leaves.

    Walking back up stairs dreaming about what she is going to waste the CASH on, her Husband yells out from the bathroom;

    Who was it Honey ??

    OH, it was just Frank

    GREAT !!!!........Did he give you the $500 he owes me ????

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