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    Andrew's BEEF CURRY

    Andrew Wilden
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    Andrew's BEEF CURRY Empty Andrew's BEEF CURRY

    Post by Andrew Wilden on Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:44 am

    Hi Mates,

    Obviously you can adjust this to Taste depending on how Hot or Mild you like your Curry.
    I like it Medium, with a Nice Strong Curry Flavour, but nothing like the Indian's, where it destroys your Taste Buds.

    This will easily Feed 4 to 5 People with Left Overs for the next Day.

    I never Messure anything accurately when Cooking Stuff like this, as I go by the look & the Taste.
    Stuff using Measuring Cups, Scales, etc......So amounts are BALL PARK.


    Part A;

    Olive Oil
    Curry Powder
    2 or 3x Long Green or Red Chilli's with the Seeds IN. (I used 4 Today).......Finely Diced into about 2mm Cubes
    4 or 5x Garlic Cloves (Powder will do if you don't have any Fresh, but Fresh is Best).........Crushed, then As Above
    About 30 to 40mm Piece of Fresh Ginger (Again Powder can be used).........Again Finely Diced to about 2mm Cubes
    2 or 3 Brown Onions, depending on there size.......Cut in 1/2 Across the "O" Rings then, Segmented into about 1/8th.

    1 teaspoon of Garam Masala
    1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Chilli Powder (Hotter Curry)

    METHOD; Part A.

    In a Wok or Non Stick Fry Pan, Stir Fry or Saute' the Onions, Chilli's, Garlic & Ginger in a nice coating of Olive Oil, on Medium Heat, NOT Burning the Onion. As you are Stir Frying add a Generous amount of Curry Powder according to Taste.
    At least a Tablespoon, but I like more.
    Obviously if using Ginger & Garlic Powder (Optional; Plus Chilli Powder & Garam Masala), add these as well.
    Once the Onion is translucent, remove from the Heat & Set aside.


    Part B;

    Olive Oil
    Curry Powder
    Medium/Dry Sherry (OR you can use Red Wine as an alternative)
    Worcestershire Sauce
    500 to 700 grams Beef (Stewing Steak, Gravy Beef or similar, Cheaper Cuts) Cubed into Bite Size Pieces trimmed of Fat.
    3 or 4 Carrots (Sliced)
    3 or 4 Potatoes (Cubed)
    Green Beans (Fresh or Frozen) about a Cup or 1 1/2 Cups.
    2 Apples (Green are Best, but doesn't really matter) Cubed.
    Capsicum, about 1 in Total cut into Bite Size Pieces. (I like to use 1/2 a Red & 1/2 a Green for Colour)
    Sultanas, about a Cup Full.
    1x 400gm Tin of Diced Tomatoes

    Other Vegies in the Fridge you want to use up can be added.
    Celery, Spring Onions, Sweet Potato, Parsnip, etc.


    Add equal Parts of Worcestershire Sauce & Sherry as a Marinade.(about a Cup or more in total)
    Cube the Beef & add the Marinade, enough to completely cover the Beef.
    Cover & leave in the Fridge for at least 1/2 an hour, overnight is better.

    Prepare all the Vegies.


    Drain the Marinade from the Beef & Set aside (Don't throw it out !!!!)
    In a Large Pot, Brown the Beef in Olive Oil on Medium to High Heat, adding Curry Powder as you Stir to Coat the Beef.
    Again a Tablespoon would be OK, depending upon how much Beef you are Cooking.(I like more)

    Add the Onions, Chilli's, etc to the Beef that had been previously set aside.
    Add the Marinade back into the Pot, once the Meat has Browned Up, & you are Happy with the amount of Curry Powder.
    Add the Vegies & Apple, with the EXCEPTION of the Beans & Sultanas.
    Add enough Water to ONLY JUST cover the vegies, NO More, & stir through well.

    Reduce the Heat Slightly & Bring to the Boil while stirring occasionally.
    Cover & Simmer, for about 45 minutes.
    Then add the Beans & Sultanas,(Optional, Plus the Tin of Tomatoes) & Simmer for another 45 minutes.
    Total Simmer time about 1 1/2 hours.

    Just before Serving if you need to thicken the Liquid, mix a little Corn Flour with Cold Water, then Stir through well & let it simmer for 5 minutes with the Lid Off.

    Either Serve on its own or on a Bed of Rice.

    Tastes Great, makes a Cheap Meal, & it has never Failed me yet.

    ENJOY, Cheers Andrew

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